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Participation in fairs, exhibitions, lectures and publications

2023      January 26, CLIMATE Art Collection, IACCA presentation, Kastanien, Berlin

2022      December 15 - 18, HAZE BAZAAR - Haze Gallery Berlin

2022      December 8 - 11, Berlin Affordable Art Market, BAAM 4th Edition, Berlin

2022      November 10 - 13, Affordable ART FAIR HAMBURG | International Contemporary Art Fair

2022      November 2 - 4, Conference Nature - Arts interconnections, Faculty of Art and Design

                  West University of Timisoara, Romania.

2022      October 6 - 9, ART MARKET BUDAPEST | International Contemporary Art Fair, Hungary

2022      October 1 - 2, Berlin Affordable Art Market, BAAM 3rd edition

2022      July - September, Residence Artist at GLOGAUAIR, Berlin

2022      July – august, ART Showroom exhibition, Haze Gallery Berlin
2022      May, Discovery Art Fair, Cologne
2021      December, SOLO EXHIBITION, DESMEDIR artwork series, Haze Gallery Berlin
2021      December, co-author in Power of Colour; artbook by Bruxelles Art Vue, Brussels,

2021      July, co-author in the book of young creators and emerging artists FLAMANTES, Madrid

              – España
2021      July, published by BlueBee magazine in London – UK in edition number 7
2021      June, Arte en la Red, Casa América, Madrid – España
2021      May, Garden of Colourful Mist Group Exhibition, Haze Gallery Berlín
2021      April, PERSONA Group exhibition, Holy Art Gallery in London – UK
2020      July, FOTOBALKON project, LADO BERLIN Magazine, Berlin
2018      July, Migrant Portrait, photo documental published in BLA Magazine, Uruguay
2017      November, Author and exhibitor at the First Photography Festival of Uruguay,

                  organized by the CdF
2017      November – december, Co-author of the photobook VIVENCIAS, published by the CdF
2015      July, Co-author of the photobook ESTADA, published by the CdF


Mathias Escotto Gadea (Montevideo – Uruguay; based in Berlin, Germany); multidisciplinary visual artist. Her artistic residency has been developed at GLOGAUAIR Berlin (2022). Since May 2022, he has been working as a Partnership Officer at the Berlin Institute for Art and Innovation (IFAI, Berlin); since 2019 is represented by Haze Gallery Berlin. He studied at the Berlin Association of Visual Artists Berlin (bbk-Berlin) and he is graduate in Art curatoship and exhibition organisation from the University of Burgos (2021); Spain. He studied at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (Udelar; 2016-2017) and at the Joaquín Torres García School in Uruguay (2018). He studied and worked at the Photography Center (CdF; 2014 - 2018) Uruguay.  

He has studied a Master's degree in Human Sciences from the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences, University of the Republic (hereinafter Udelar) Uruguay; Graduate of the Postgraduate Diploma in Migrations, Mobilities and Interculturality from FLACSO (Argentina; 2018); Graduate in International Cooperation from the San Martin University (Argentina; 2015); Graduate in International System and Regional Integration from the Faculty of Social Sciences (Udelar; 2012) Graduate in Foreign Affairs, (Udelar; 2009). From 2008 to 2019 he worked as Expert Consultant in International Cooperation and Sustainable Human Development in Uruguay.


Mathias Escotto Gadea [MascoGA]

Berlin, Germany

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