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narrative unfolding



Embroderer´s thread does not cut the trees. My vision gets blurred. A pipe heating system generates a tiny ambient sound frequency compared to a gas pipeline. Don't burn it. I won't burn it. Knowledge is a constant re-signification of the same. Is it? Check if there's an unused blue one on the desk. The tariff is outlined. Bicycles in the courtyard. Other unread fragments. Once everything was intimate; now intimacy is a spectacle. To synthesize complexity in hallways without margins. Inhabit the margins. Concatenate. Don't take my emails away from me. It will do you good. Delivered. Seen. Read. Delete for me. Customs shortens. The shadow becomes double. Culture is what we are. The dreamlike nature of other people's dinners. Enough surrealism. I'm not going to fall.


about the artwork: In the artwork narrative unfolding the artist exercises their mantra of purifying until the abstract, bordered by what the author has defined as a circular surreal automatism. Aware that synthesizing complexity is a futuristic endeavour, the author aims, from the principles of surreal automatism, to create a new abstract artwork permeated by the notion of a narrative unfolding. This implies an undefined creation beforehand, going directly to the canvas and executing the creation in a circular manner. This results in a constant re-signification of each piece.


The series, the most extensive created by the artist, consists of artworks painted with oil, acrylic, pastel, graphite on linen and canvas. Each piece has been assembled by the artist, involving a process of texturing. It is the longest process the artist has undertaken to create a series, fragmented, forgotten, and discovered equally with oil and linen. In its execution, diachronic to experience, the artist believes that we live in a narrative unfolding, occasionally sprinkled with notions of authentic clarity. The series comprises 15 pieces and will be exhibited individually in the city of Berlin at Haze Gallery Berlin.

narrative unfolding | MASCOGA | Berlin | 2023

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming solo show of MASCOGA, a talented Uruguayan artist known for his vibrant and thought-provoking abstract paintings. The exhibition, "Narrative Unfolding," will open on July 6 and will feature a stunning collection of his latest works.


MASCOGA has a unique style that defies traditional techniques and instead explores the depths of the abstract world. His canvases are filled with bold lines, vivid colors, and dynamic shapes that work together to create an emotional and intriguing visual narrative. The paintings provoke the viewer's imagination and thoughts.


Through his art, MASCOGA seeks to explore the power and influence of human emotions, as well as their ability to change and transform over time. The narrative of the paintings unfolds in a way that is both powerful and mysterious, inviting the viewer to ponder the meaning and significance of each work.

narrative unfolding

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